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Review: And With Madness Comes The Light by Karina Halle

Review: And With Madness Comes The Light by Karina Halle
Goodreads Description:

The Man. The Mystery. The Madness. Dex Foray has never been anyone’s fool – until he missed his chance for happiness with Perry Palomino. Broken and alone, Dex has no choice but to rise from the ashes Perry left behind and find his own path to redemption. But nothing in Dex’s life has ever come easily, especially when there’s a dark madness waiting in the wings.Told from Dex’s POV, And With Madness Comes the Light is short story/novella that spans the time period from the end of Lying Season (Book #4) until the end of On Demon Wings (Book #5). If you were ever wondering what really happened to Dex while Perry was gone - his journey to Dex 2.0 - now is your chance.

What did I think?
Well, it really is no secret that I am a huge fan of the fabulous Karina Halle and her EIT Series. I can never get enough of Dex and Perry. Ever. The books are all told from Perry's POV except for a novella here and there.
Don't get me wrong, I adore Perry but sometimes it's awesome to get a peek into someone else's mind throughout this series. It makes it even better when you get a peek into Dex Foray's mind. If you haven't read this series yet, I suggest you do because Dex is anything but your normal character from a book. He's flawed, damaged, and almost perfect.
This book is the second novella that is told completely form Dex's POV and I loved it. Hardcore. I always wanted to know what makes Dex tick and this is just a glimpse into how Dex's brain functions. Only a glimpse mind you. 
This book shows just how much damage Perry left in her wake after Lying Season. And if you were like me when I read that book, I almost chucked my kindle across the floor. LOL Seriously. My first reaction after reading that book and getting to the end was something along the lines of "Are you serious?! What an asshat!!" 
With having this look into what Dex went through the time when Perry was gone, it gives you a new perspective and makes you really empathize with him. I felt his pain and it was hard to watch him spiral down. But it was so great to see him pick himself up and become the 2.0 version he is now. 
Even though this was a novella and not a full novel, it still leaves an impression and I can't wait to read more. Halle always makes her readers wanting more which is one of the many reasons why she's such a favorite author of mine.
I reiterate, if you haven't read the EIT series, I highly suggest you do so. They aren't the normal books you've read but they are going to be some of the best. :-)

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