Monday, July 8, 2013

15 Day Book Blogger Challenge - Day 1

I heard about this challenge from my friend April at Sim Sational Reviews....actually I totally stalked her page and wanted in. ;-) I read her post at Good Books and Wine and thought to myself...."I feel the same. Maybe if I do this challenge, I might get my motivation up again."
Who knows right? If not, it's still fun in the interim. 

Without much further ado, here is my Day 1 post for this lovely challenge...

Day 1: Make 15 book related confessions:

  1. I find myself liking more and more contemporary romance books. Especially YA. Before book blogging, I never really tried those. I was a strict paranormal gal. But more and more, I find myself being drawn more the the romance side.
  2. I don't like books that have no depth. I want my characters to feel and interact. If I find a book that is just a lot of puff and no real substance, I won't finish it. What's the point? I can't relate so I won't waste my time.
  3. I'm horrible at writing reviews. COMPLETELY. It's sad really. I feel bad because all last year I was totally gung-ho on it and now I've been slacking. Horribly. Granted, I did have a baby about 8-9 weeks ago and that takes up time but still...
  4. My husband came up with my book blog name. Even though my last name has changed since I've married him, I still kept the same name.
  5. If I don't write a review right after I finish a book, I forget what happened in the book. That's a bad one lol. I read so many books so fast that I forget what book was about what. Or what I felt. I really need to stop and reflect a lot more and take my time with them. 
  6. If there is a girl in the book that doesn't defend herself or stand up for herself, I get angry. Seriously. It's the same in movies with me. Grow a pair of lady balls and take control dammit! 
  7. I have a problem when reading a book and finding mispelled words and grammatical errors. I try not to let it get to me really, but it does. I'm not saying I'm perfect but it irks me when it's all throughout the book.
  8. When I read a book that I'm into, I ignore my husband. He can have a complete conversation with me and I will not hear a word. I'm sure I'm not the only one that happens to but I still feel kind of bad. When he brings up the conversation a few days later and I try to respond....yea he laughs.
  9. I have too many books on my Kindle. Way too many to even think about reading. It's a serious problem. Amazon seems to know what I like and what I can't say no to. 400+ books is too much! 
  10. I try not to buy paperbacks anymore. Sad to say that but I can't stand ruining the pages when I read. I stretch the spine and I can't stand it when there are wear lines in it. I'm OCD about it. Plus, on my kindle, I can highlight and make notes. A blogger's dream!
  11. I don't like erotica. Not really. The writing just seems silly and too overdone. I like classy love and romance. Not just f***ing. Plus I enjoy reading a story and learning about the characters. Not just how they have sex all the time. Too much sex makes me just skim and makes me sad.
  12. I don't like it when the author/publishing company changes the covers on their books. I like to have them all the same. It bugs me when they come out with the same series and different covers. thank you, I will not pay for the same book twice.
  13. Same thing with paperbacks and hardbacks. If I have a hardback of one book in the series....the rest of them HAVE to be hardback. That way they all match. 
  14. I am horrible when it comes to books being turned into movies. I ALWAYS go for the book being the better one. If I don't like the actors they pick, I won't see it. (I'm still on the fence about The Mortal Instruments).
  15. I judge books by their covers. If I think the cover is lacking, I won't read the blurb. Sad, I know. I try to give each book a chance but sometimes.....I just can't do it. That also falls into the category of having the same covers for different books. Drives me crazy. Gets me confused.
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  1. LOL at number 5. I do the same sometimes. I always have the description up on my other monitor so I put the right names. :)

    OH and number 15. So true for me too. I shouldn't, but I can't help myself.

    Love you too! <3

  2. I love contemporary YA. I just started reading it before I became a blogger and thought I'd moved on from PNR since I felt like I read everything. Blogging opened up the YA paranormal world a bit more but I still love the contemps.

    Ugh I know exactly what you mean about #5. I used to not be able to start another book before I reviewed the previous. Now I just read something so totally different as I find trying to write a review immediately stresses me out and not being able to read killed me.

    So I do contemp and then paranormal and epic fantasy or dystopian. They're different enough to make it not get too confused in my brain. I still fail sometimes.

    I'm worried a bit about TMI but I'm going to see it. I just know it won't live up to the book, but I hope it will be good in its own right.

    And how could you not judge a book by its cover? It's the first impression you get. If it's uggo why would you want to even see what's on the inside?