Wednesday, July 10, 2013

15 Day Book Blogger Challenge - Day 3

Here is the link to April's Day 3 post so you can link up to the challenge :-)

15 Day Book Blogger Challenge Day 3: Who are your blogging BFFs?
Although I have a few friends on blogs, I only have about 3 that I would consider BFF status. But the best thing about the whole book blogging world, is that EVERYONE is so nice and willing to help you with whatever you need. Any questions? Someone is there to help. That is the best thing, in my opinion, about book blogging. 

I have certainly made a few friends throughout my time blogging. I love everyone I have gotten to know and cherish every single one.

First and formeost: April @ Sim Sational Books. I honestly do not know what I would ever do without her.She is my soulmate and my slap of reality when I need it. She has a awesome (albeit pervy) sense of humor and I love her for it. We have the same taste in books and pretty much the same views on a lot of life's crap. I love her to bits.

Andrea @ The Bookish Babe. She was the first blogger friend I met and my forever #Twinsie. I treasure her friendship to the extreme. She was the first to really reach out to me and I am forever grateful for everything she has taught me and her awesome friendship. We will always be bound through our mutual love of music and all things Pete Loeffler.

 Autumn @ The Autumn Review. I met Autumn through Andrea. We became really good friends over twitter and it's history ever since. I love her to bits and treasure her friendship. Even thought we live on opposite sides of the country, it feels like we are right next door. 

Rachel @ Fiktshun. Rachel was actually the very first blog I followed. She is also one of the blog I look up to the most. I don't know how she does it. She has so many blogs that she maintains, which I'm sure keeps her busy. But no matter how busy Rachel is, she will ALWAYS make time to answer any questions and is probably one of the kindest, most generous chicks I know. I'm lucky to know her and consider her a friend.

Tabby @ Insightful Minds Reviews. Oh Tabby, how do I count the ways? Tabby is actually the only blogger I have met and hung out with in person. Plus we had the added effect of being pregnant at the same time. Forever #PreggerBuddies. She is also one of the busiest chicks I know and now that she has her baby boy, I don't know how she does it. I adore her! Plus, she is also the designer of my fabulous blog!

Kat @ SassyCat's Book Reviews. I met Kat through Twitter and I just think she is a sweet doll! We bonded over our mutual love of Rachel Vincent and I think she is one badass chica! I love our Twitter chats we have and think she's awesome. 

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  1. I adore you! I've grown to love so much great music b/c of you. And that's awesome, b/c I love music (and Pete!) even more than books.

  2. I love you to bits as well. *kisses*

  3. Awww thank you so much! And wow I had no idea. :) Oh and I don't keep up very well these days. Too distracted. And I have no excuse.

    I'm so glad that even being a new mommy you're still blogging and talking books! And it's also so awesome that you've "met" so many amazing bloggers that you can say anything too. You're also lucky to have met someone with a pervy sense of humor. They are so much fun!

  4. You have no idea how much I'd kicked myself in the butt for not commenting on this post. Thanks you so much! And I can be one badass chica (when needed of course). I'm trying to keep up with my own posts but there are just not enough hours in the day! Now I must go back to my blogging cave and write the next couple blogger challenge post!