Tuesday, July 9, 2013

15 Day Book Blogger Challenge - Day 2

15 Day Book Blogger Challenge Day 2: What's your bedtime reading ritual?

Here is the link to April's DAY 2 post to put your link in! 

I honestly don't have a reading ritual for bedtime. I used to before I got pregnant but now that there is a baby involved, it's hard to pick times and such. 

Usually, after dinner and dishes are done, my husband and I sit on the couch to watch TV and relax a bit. Sometimes it works that way and sometimes the baby gets fussy and doesn't let us do too much. I mean, who can say no to that face?:

Hahaha....yea she's a cutie. Anyways, if we do have time to relax, and I don't really have too much blog stuff to do (or I'm not up for it), I read my Kindle until it's about 11. Then I go wash my face, change into my pj's and snuggle up. If I'm still wide awake by the time we get ready for bed, (which hasn't been much lately), then I take my Kindle cord into the bedroom and read until my eyes burn and get droopy. 

Bad part about that is, if I am really into the book, I don't stop at all. There are NO clocks in our bedroom so I have no concept of time. Before I know it, I'll look at my cell phone and see it's 2 am and I have to get up in 3 hours. ;-)

What's your ritual?
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  1. I love that picture of her so much. She's the sweetest. <3

  2. Ahhh!! She's working the pout! Look out, mommy and daddy.